Thursday, January 22, 2009

Regional Baha'i Conference (Toronto)

This conference was held for eastern Canada and Bermuda. We learned that Bermuda was honored by the first use of the word "cluster," by none other than the Master Himself.

I had the pleasure of meeting old friend and Badi blog reader Ed, after almost thirty years. He is taking visual notes here.

More Badi' blog readers, Tim and Jim, and Tim's new bride, Tala.

Peter declaring his availability, presumably for fulfilling the goals of the Plan.

This woman from New Brunswick explained her success in reaching out to new immigrants.

Toronto's South York Baha's have been reaching Iranian immigrants with great success. This believer explained what does not work, long lectures, and what does, professionally recorded prayers followed by informal fellowship.

Below is a photo of a remarkable new Baha'i. She is a university student, though she looks and sounds like a junior youth herself. She had been heavily involved in charity work in Toronto before she came across the Baha'i junior youth program. This put her in a unique position where she could compare how the Baha'i program works to how non-Baha'i youth groups operate. Unlike them, the Baha'i junior youth were left completely to themselves, other than being brought into contact with the Creative Word. What they did with that so amazed her that she recently declared her faith in Baha'u'llah.

The Toronto Baha'i bookstore was full in the morning and all but empty at night. I made the mistake of setting aside some books to buy later when the huge crowds were lighter later on. But they were all gone when I got back. Now I have to wait.

Brian Graham at the Sunday breakout session where we consulted on how to get an accelerated program of growth in Niagara region. As you see on the people's faces, there was some headscratching going on.

The ever dapper Carson Knox regaled me with stories of his travels to China, Singapore and Malasia. I later told them to the kids, and they were amazed at the contrast between the laws of the latter two countries.

Contrast Carson's immaculate garb with my slovenly appearance. This is me in the hotel room just before checking out. Note the bottle of water, my almost-free migraine medication.

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