Monday, May 10, 2010

Warning against Facebook in a Blog

Ed is a long time contributor to the Badi' Blog. He sends this link about Facebook:

I was turned off Facebook as soon as I heard in a press report that you do not get a human being when you phone to complain. As soon as that happens, walk. Such entities should be disbanded post haste.

The comments to this blog post are interesting too, including a link to this:

This does not seem to work in Canada, thank God, but I used it to check up on some American friends and relations, and it is amazing how little privacy these people have! I found out credit ratings, how long they have lived where they live, how old the house is, and on and on, at the push of a button.

Another comment hits the nail on the head: you get no customer service from Facebook because you are not their customer, you are their product.

Clearly, Facebook fills a need, but pirates are filling it. Why not make up a similar program with open systems software and put it into the hands of responsible, non-profit authorities?


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