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Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events



It is a busy week here in Dunnville. It is Mudcat Festival this week, as well as our 150th anniversary celebration, this year featuring a Beatles Tribute Band. They played here last year and I can tell you that they are good. The Taylor Family will also be having a garage sale next weekend, taking advantage of our location right across from Central Park.


On Wednesday we will be having the Haldimand LSA's Monthly Meeting in the Garfield Disher Room of the Dunnville Branch of the Haldimand Public Library. On Thursday I will again be the host, coordinator and rabble rouser for the Philosopher's Cafe meeting in Wainfleet. The official announcements follow:




The Philosopher's Cafe


Topic for discussion: "Wisdom"


Philosopher's Cafe at the Wainfleet Library:


Come every second Thursday of the month for provocative, insightful discussion around ideas and issues that matter.

Topic for discussion: This month is open, bring your questions and ideas


6:30 p.m. in the meeting room of the Wainfleet Library

Wainfleet Township Public Library


Wainfleet, ON L0S 1V0



To get you thinking about wisdom, here is a mention of the Hebrew word for wisdom in the New York Times electronic edition. It is in reference to a certain illegal action that took place in international waters that is making certain Israelis wonder about the wisdom of their leaders.


"There is a word in Yiddish, seichel, which means wisdom, but it also means more than that: It connotes ingenuity, creativity, subtlety, nuance," Mr. Goldberg wrote. "Jews have always needed seichel to survive in this world; a person in possession of a yiddishe kop, a 'Jewish head,' is someone who has seichel, someone who looks for a clever way out of problems, someone who understands that the most direct way — blunt force, for instance — often represents the least elegant solution, a person who can foresee consequences of his actions." (<>)




Dunnville Monthly Discussion of Baha'i Principles


Where Religions Meet


A member of the Baha'i Faith and faculty member of the Department of Religious Studies at McMaster University shares her hands-on experience in inter-faith relations.


Speaker:  Dr. Anne Pearson


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


8 PM


Garfield Disher Room,

Dunnville Public Library


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