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Dear Friends,

Microsoft has this program called Windows Live Writer, which makes my blog posts look prettier than Google Docs, so I will just use the latter for my mailing list from now on.  I will include a link to the latest Badi Blog posting, put up yesterday:

I just got the following lovely reader response from Andrew Singer, which makes me think that somebody, somewhere is reading these essays. I have never worked on anything like a book length work before, and I am mostly concerned to make the book itself consistent with itself. Maybe someday I will be a blogger again. Anyway, like most of the blogs on Tumblr, Mr. Singer's blog is very good looking and trendy. Check it out yourself.

Dear John

I just wanted to check in to thank you for all the work you are doing with your daily writings/postings. Sometimes one of them really floors me, as with your recent one on Subsidiarity. This is a concept that is built into the nomenclature and approach of EU government but your exposition of it a la Comenius brought it movingly to a new level of application that is patently exciting.

In part inspired by your effort I've just started a blog, a few days ago. Ostensibly about literature, it is actually a series of daily posts developing a thema about cultural transformation. It is my intent to work this material toward a book-length treatment, incorporating finally into the topic of cultural development Baha'i principles for development in the world such as equality, unity, universal education and so on -- although I'm some steps from there as yet.

The blog can be found here:

It started in media res with some comments on a Newsweek article. The blog site shuffles posts willy-nilly each time a new one is posted so I've numbered them to help navigate it chronologically. To find the first post you'll already have to click on the bottom of the first page where it says "Older Posts".

I am hoping to open up this process as a dialog and so you (and anyone you care to share this link with) are certainly welcome to participate by commenting and helping me develop these ideas to maturity.

Thanks again for all your work. Sometimes it matters.



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