Thursday, February 25, 2016

Peter's Small Engines, Interview for the Free Press

Interview with Rainer Queckenstedt of Peter's Small Engines
For the Dunnville Free Press, by John Taylor
25 February, 2016

Peter's Small Engines has served Dunnville since the 1960's, when it specialized in repairs to gasoline motors. When Rainer Queckenstedt purchased the business in the 1980's, it continued as a repair shop, but he added on his own area of expertise, equipment rentals. 
Having just purchased a new pulley for my Shopsmith, I was impressed with the number of belts and pulleys on display.  

"It is Dunnville's largest selection," Rainer assured me, "The trouble is, that people sometimes come in for a pulley or a repair, and do not realize that they can rent equipment from us as well." Many, new to the area, may not have seen the shop because it is just outside of town. I asked Rainer what was the largest piece of equipment available. "That would be a Bobcat mini-excavator or a skid steer loader. You can rent by the hour or the day. For large equipment the price includes delivery to the site and back, since they cannot be driven on the road. But we do rent all sorts of lawn and garden equipment."  

A complete list of what is available is at Their busy season is from May to July. I asked what changes there have happened in the decades Rainer has been here.

"The whole industry has gone over to throw-away machines that cannot be repaired, although higher end equipment – which is to say, everything we sell – is still built to be repairable. We service everything we sell. If something you have breaks down, take it in, we will tell you up front if repair is an option. More equipment is going electric, these days, with rechargeable batteries. As well, Dunnville's population is ageing. For those who are getting on, it is sometimes better to pay for a service than to buy a sit down lawn tractor."

Clients are evenly divided between professionals and homeowners

Why buy local and go to Peter's Small Engines? 

"We are honest. The five certified technicians who work here are experienced and well qualified."

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