Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Writer of paranoid nonsense shot down

We are living in the days of the wild west when it comes to the reliability of information. Soon, I hope, it will be very hard to get people to listen when you spout nonsense. Until that happens, it will be up to ordinary individuals to shoot down flying half baked disinformation that should never have taken wing in the first place. Here is an example.

Our local vegan restaurant shared a preposterous article on their website called: "Chew Gum? You Definitely Need to Read This. If you are still purchasing chewing gum from conventional manufacturers, STOP TODAY!" Here, a purveyor of paranoia posited that because formaldehyde is produced when you chew gum, we are being poisoned if we chew. I enjoyed the way that this fellow, one Allen Pearson, destroyed the argument.

Allen Pearson: "Formaldehyde is a natural by-product of many types of digestion in the body. Nothing unusual there. You might also find it curious to know that an ounce of tomato contains more methanol than a 12 pack of soda sweetened with aspartame. Try not to think so narrowly, the difference between a benign substance and a poison is in the dose. Water and oxygen are toxic just like aspartame." 

DK: "Yes, but water and oxygen is there by nature, and we consume that by the habits of nature, aspartame surely not, they force us to consume that!"

Allen Pearson: If you think natural means healthy, I invite you to go on a walk through the woods and snack on every mushrooms and berry you find. You'll find quite quickly that nature is more likely to kill you than any man made substance. 

DK: "People lived many years healthy in past with all that dangerous nature things and survive. Now we have the sick people like never before ...is that because off mushrooms or berries..?! No ... farmaco-industry of killing is developing and finish the job. Dangerous is everywhere ..you can slip on soap and be killed in bath..not to wash ourselves ?!...but the main difference is when somebody consciously put the poison in our life..(food, air, water)...that's the big difference..."

Allen Pearson: Strange that our life expectancy has done nothing but continue to rise with all of this poison being intentionally put into our food! Maybe the cause of more sickness is more people, living longer, thanks to modern agriculture and medicine. 

DK: "Ok, lets finish with this...you and your family start (to) drink Coca Cola Zero from now and many years in the future....just dose you like...little, but non stop, every day...if you do this, give that to your children...not dangerous doses, cup of glasses, I will shut up and apologize (to) you..."

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