Sunday, February 05, 2017

Peter, one of the leading lights of the Niagara Woodturners' Group, explains the "board to bowl" method of making a bowl at the meeting yesterday.

Marv Ens shows how to make a mushroom shaped box with lid out of a tree branch, specifically, juniper or aromatic cedar. Here, he is cutting off the lid of the mushroom.

I did not get this guy's name, but here he is demonstrating his apparently well known five minute bowl. A few seconds later he put the tool in the wrong place, there was a catch, and the stock flew across the room to wild applause from the turners, who had seen bowls being made before but less often been put in danger by the process.

The meeting closed with a show and tell. The only continuance of that kindergarten custom into adult life that I have seen. They passed around some of these examples of the wonderful works of art that these turners turn out. How I envy the artful, the handy and the crafty!

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