Monday, September 20, 2010

ARE Esperanto meeting in Upper New York State

I, Marie and the kids are planning on attending the Esperanto gathering at Silver Bay resort next month. Here is some more information about the meeting, supplied by another attendee. I am planning on giving a short talk about the book I am writing, in Esperanto.

Esperantists from Montreal, Rochester, Boston and New York City have chosen Silver Bay (YMCA) near Ticonderoga, New York as a central regional meeting place for several years.

A handful of foreign-born Esperantists (not US or Canadian) are usually present.  The official event is a 3 day happening during the weekend of US Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving Day. This year it is the 9-11th of October.

Prior to this location over one hundred esperantists visited  a similar meetings at Okemo Mountain Lodge in Ludlow Vermont for numerous years.

A variety of lectures occur. Reviews of international Esperanto events usually occur. Sporting events and dance have also occured. Nature walks regularly occur. The working language is Esperanto.

Esperanto is popular on the free encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

Esperanto was created in 1887 to be an easy, neutral language between nations and is affective in over a thousand local clubs, regional, national and international conventions with several thousand annual participants. Estimates of numbers of Esperanto speaker vary and go as high as two million world-wide. This author has met several thousand while visiting  34 countries and living abroad for 16 years.

Neil Blonstein, New York City


Anonymous said...

"I, Marie and the kids are"

That muse be Esperanto, I sure isn't the English I learned in school...

Anonymous said...

Maybe should should go back for a refresher. Read it again. "I, Marie and the kids is ..." or "Me, Marie and the kids..." would both be Hillbilly English...