Monday, June 06, 2016

Lloyd's Value Tire

For those who want to avoid waiting around in a large, crabby tire store, Dunnville can boast of a hidden gem, Lloyd's Value Tire. Cloaked behind the Robert Rowe used car lot, its official address is 122 Broad Street East (Rear). As such, it is easy to miss -- even if you are looking out for it. However, Lloyd's offers a smaller, personable and local alternative to the competition. I asked Lloyd Thomas, proprietor, what kind of services are on offer here. 

"We specialise in tires and light mechanical jobs, like oil changes, front end, and alignments." 

He has been in the business since 1968, and bought this business in 1993. I asked what changes have taken place in the tire business in those two decades. 

"Not many, generally speaking cars are more complicated and fewer people repair them. It used to be that I would recommend Michelin tires as the best, but now it is not that simple. Most manufacturers produce equally good tires, and the best depends on your particular vehicle and driving needs."

Coincidentally, the day before this interview, a stranger walked up to me in my clunker and offered to give me for free a set of snow tires. I loaded them into my trunk, so I was wondering how much would it cost for rims for these tires? "Depends whether you want new or used," Lloyd answered. There's an option you do not get at Crabby Tire, I thought, pre-owned products that put less strain on the environment as well as my wallet. 

Lloyd's Value Tire 
Sales and Service 

Lloyd Thomas, Owner 
122 Broad Street. East (Rear) 
Dunnville, ON 
N1A 1E9