Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Pageant at Dunnville Christian School

"David's Dynasty,"
Dunnville Christian School's Christmas Show 

by John Taylor, photography by Marie Taylor 

for the Dunnville Free Press 

13 December, 2015 

On Friday, December 11, Dunnville Christian School held its popular annual Christmas pageant, entitled this year, "David's Dynasty," with the subtitle, "A bearded family of shepherds finding their heritage in the Christmas story." 

I attended the evening showing, which had by a rough estimate some 260 in the audience, with a cast, depending on the scene, fluctuating around seventy five at one time on stage. The drama and music, arranged by Gina Boe, Sue C. Smith, Barb Dorn  and Christopher Davis, was not the stiff recitation mixed with stodgy, traditional Christmas carols that one might expect. 

The dialogue in the play was sprinkled with humourirony and intentional anachronisms. The music included fresh numbers like "Bethle-boring" and "Listen to the Oldies." The playbill credits the production to the entire staff of DCS, and clearly the entire student body played some role, including the kindergarten class, every boy sporting a crew cut, singing "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus." 

Photo Credits: Marie Taylor

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