Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Alice Goit and Total Foot Care

A cartoon shows two angels talking and one says to the other, "Nobody believed me when I said that my feet are killing me!" That is the sort of problem that Alice Goit, foot care specialist, handles. She is not into giving you pretty feet; if that is what you want, go to a manicurist or pedicurist. What she handles are feet that hurt, feet with serious health issues. 

Alice Goit has been a foot care specialist for some 31 years. She adds that some of her original patients still come back for a checkup from time to time, but now people come to her Byng office from as far as Ottawa and parts of the United States. 

Alice, along with her fourth year apprentice Sheryl Hultink, also offer training and advice in how to manage many foot problems, from corns to callouses. Part of a typical session is a nail trimming, a soak, cream and massage of the feet. She enjoys watching the transformation in her patients' feet, which usually takes between 8 months to a year. 

Alice mentioned that wherever she goes, even on holiday, people are always asking for her to inspect and treat their feet. That gave me an idea. Why not check out my feet? Alice and Sheryl were kind enough to give me the full deal, right then and there. Here is what it looked like:

How did it feel? Never have my feet felt so pampered! They showed me some before and after photos of the many feet they have treated. The change is impressive, but I will spare you the "before" pictures, for the sake of those who have, like me, a weak stomach.

The Free Press had several questions for Alice.

Should one have feet regularly massaged? 

Yes, especially for varicose veins, but the legs must be carefully massaged in the right way – do not massage up and down. 

What is some general advice for everyone's foot care?

Do not cut your toenails straight across as you may have been taught in school, cut them rounded; the nails need to be trained to grow in right. 

Does foot care help posture? 

If your feet hurt, you cannot walk properly.

Alice Goit Total Foot Care
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