Friday, November 13, 2009

Post scriptum to today's essay

Post Scriptum to "The Moral Leap Towards the First Universal Republic"

By John Taylor; 2009 Nov 13, Qudrat 10, 166 BE


I am avoiding mention of the Baha'i Faith directly in this book, but just after posting today's essay, I found Jack Bush's blog devoted to what happened today in Baha'i history ( I was delighted to find out that the Master talked on this very subject of today's essay on the need for religion in republics.

"One reason that people despair of the world of religion is this very matter of superstitions and imitations practiced by religious leaders. When intelligent and learned people see these imitations and customs as being contrary to reason and knowledge they forsake the divine religion and are not aware that these are idle fancies of the leaders and have nothing to do with divine principles. The foundations of divine religion do not negate sound reason and true science. The principles of divine religion do not contradict knowledge and insight, except for some principles and minutiae of the law which were given according to the exigencies of the time and age. Of course, the second or social laws suited to the Mosaic dispensation and useful for the Jewish people at that time are now purposeless and ineffective and seem futile, but they were pertinent and useful at the time." (Mahmud's Diary, entry for 13 November, 2009)

Last night I mentioned the importance of religion in contributing to politics to my three friends on the Wainfleet Philosopher Cafe, and the very idea got a big laugh. The reaction is predictable. It is good to recall that the Master recognized this woeful, dangerous situation, and that he was able to speak to this need without alienating leaders of thought.


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