Monday, September 26, 2011

Debate on Wind Turbines

Dr. Reza Kazemi was kind enough to give me permission to videotape the following event, so I am including some of the promotional material here on the Badi' Blog.




It is all about power A debate on wind turbines in Haldimand County




Dunnville, Ont.


DREAM presents


Its all about POWER; Wind or No Wind


A debate on wind turbines in Haldimand


Industrial wind turbine are a hot topic in Haldimand since the news broke that Samsung, a Korean company, will be investing 7 billion dollars in this industry throughout Ontario. Overnight, citizens worried about the size of these electrical generating structures, their effect on property values and their health.


On Friday, Sept. 30th, 2011 at 7pm in the cafeteria of Dunnville Secondary School, dream presents Its all About Power: Wind or No Wind to create a dialogue and raise awareness on industrial wind turbines.


Dream has invited a strong opponent of wind mills, John Laforet, president of Wind Concerns Ontario, as well as a proponent of this type of energy production.


This opening event of dream's seventh season of raising awareness will be moderated by Wayne Nyomtato.  At the end of this town hall meeting, dream hopes that the community will better understand the issue and be able to reach a consensus with a vision and guiding values that will be published in all three regional papers.


Raising Awareness presents a series of film and guest speakers running from September to May at Dunnville Secondary School.


On film nights, dream presents a social justice, community awareness, or life-planning film. On speaker nights, dream presents an engaging guest speaker or an eclectic panel of guests ranging from published authors and social activists to civically responsible members of the community.




This Year's DREAM Presentations


Members of the Haldimand community should mark the following Friday nights on their calendars. All presentations take place at Dunnville Secondary School's Cafeteria:




Friday Sept. 30th


It’s All about Power: Wind or No Wind; A debate on industrial wind turbines


The seventh Season of Raising Awareness begins with a debate on wind turbines with guest speaker: John Laforte, Wind Concerns Ontario; Green Peace Canada




Friday Nov. 4th  An American Marine's Experience in Iraq


Guest Speaker: Jake Davis




Friday Feb 10th  Preserving Our Planet: Garbage


This night features dream Grade 8 Environment Contest.




Friday Mar 30th; Film: Lets Make Money


Where is our money? In the bank? Think again!




Friday April 27th;  Hope Through Action


Guest Speaker: Mark Zelinski, Photography to Enlighten, Educate & Entertain




Friday May 25th  Street Drugs of Dunnville


Exploring the problems and its solutions




For more information on how you can purchase season tickets to dream's raising awareness: film & speaker series or join as a volunteer or community sponsor contact Dr. Kazemi at 905.774-8841, or or visit




DREAM is a community-based organization of volunteers that builds Dunnville's capacity to better serve its youth by providing academic, social and financial support to secondary school students. DREAM offers a four-year, youth mentorship program and hosts other community services that include a field school program in Ek Balam, Mexico to promote global literacy.




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