Monday, September 08, 2008

Must See Film

If you see only one film this century, this would have to be the one: Amazing Grace.
I was just astonished by this film, on many levels. For one thing it is the best political film I have ever seen. If you are a Baha'i, you gotta see it. After all, the one thing that Baha'u'llah praised any king for doing was Queen Victoria for the events depicted in this film. Think about it. Everything that any politician or other public figure accomplished was unworthy of mention by the Lord of the Age, but this exploit, outlawing the slave trade, was given the highest praise. That alone makes this one of the most important movies ever made. Are you or have you ever met a person with white skin? Well see this film, because it describes the one morally worthy act this race ever attained to. As a person of English heritage, ditto, the one thing I am most proud of, thanks to Wilberforce and his buddies...

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Anonymous said...

Wilberforce's grandson Basil was a cleric and a close confidant of Abdu'l-Baha