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Fwd: [The Badi Blog] New comment on My Tahirih Moment.

My recent essay suggesting we drop the word "theologian" has provoked more comment than I recall getting for years. Here is my response to some of these comments, which, it seems to me, miss the point.

John Taylor


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While I am grateful for any comment at all, I want to emphasize that I was suggesting that we use the term "divine philosopher" rather than theologian. A theologian is an academic branch of a profession that Baha'u'llah has forbidden.

Thus Mirza Abu'l-Fadl was a divine philosopher, not a theologian. He would have been horrified to hear himself named for the profession he was drummed out of when he became a Baha'i. It really is a new day, with new terminology. Same way, we breath oxygen, not phlogistin, which was a term that came out of a discredited scientific theory.

The Master said that the true believers are the real philosophers. So it makes sense to call the study of Baha'i matters and principles "divine philosophy."

New theories have new terminology. Get used to it.

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