Monday, July 14, 2008

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2008 July 11, 19 Rahmat, 165 BE


Over the past week I have been fooling around with broken-down computers, repairs, upgrades and generally catching up on a todo list as long as your arm.

The Youth Impact Centre has switched to a summer schedule and has a couple of youth workers helping its new pastor, Ray. My usual co-coordinator, Stu, is taking the summer off, so Gord and I have been handling the Friday night chess club alone. Silvie was involved in the pastor's Martial Arts classes for a few months, but then her interest flagged. She stays home on the night I volunteer, Fridays, while Thomas still comes along.


Our main computer failed after I upgraded its RAM, in preparation for putting MS Flight Simulator onto it. I also purchased a video card from the new local computer store, Computer Troubleshooters. They stood by what they sold me, and now the machine seems to be working. In the meantime I have been trying to make the switch from a windows machine to the Imac, which we have owned for six months but were using mostly as a television and DVD player, rather than a computer.


I have had no choice but to post directly to the badi blog. You can go to the blog to read the recent posts all together quite conveniently; they are short and to the point, usually with a link to something I found interesting. Here is a list of the posts in the order of the principle system I use, along with their location on the web:



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2008 July 14,


Converting to a mac is a huge job for an old timer like me. Very set in my ways, I am. I have been up to my neck in networking protocols, a thumb modem that turned out to be defective, and on and on. This DOSBOX program for using DOS on a Mac works, but it is a pain to set up. It looks like I might have to buy a notebook computer if only to be able to use my ancient DOS writing program, Maxthink, in native mode, with all keystroke shortcuts intact. Meanwhile, I have been making short posts periodically, direct to the blog. One of them is:



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