Saturday, July 12, 2008

Round format of the Badi' Calendar

I have found a round, clock-like format of the Badi' Calendar very useful in orienting myself, and especially in familiarizing the kids with the English and Arabic names of the months. I glued a printout of this pretty layout of our calendar on a metal file cabinet, on which a magnet can be used to mark our place in the cycle of the years and seasons. I just noticed that this layout is available in color at the American NSA's site:

If you can get a hold of printable magnet sheets, you could maybe print this calendar on that material in order to make your markers stick better. Let me know what you find useful.

(I really mean it, give me your comments; my daughter is checking my blog and comparing the number of comments with her mother's blog, and Mom has been winning hands down she tells me.)

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