Friday, July 18, 2008

tpm, p27 Two Prayers for World Reform

2008 July 18, 06 Kalimat, 165 BE

The first of these two prayers was written by Jan Amos Comenius, the second revealed by Abdu'l-Baha in Montreal after laying out several of the Baha'i principles consecutively.


 Prayer of Jan Amos Comenius, from Panorthosia, Ch. 3, para 45, pp. 81-82

  "O Lord, who hast made heaven and earth and sea and the fountains of waters (Rev 14:7), and who hast promised in the last days to pour out Thy spirit like waters (Isa 44:3) and the issuing of waters from under the threshold of Thy house (Ez 47:1,2) to be increased beyond measure (v. 5) for the purpose of healing all the waters of the earth (v. 8) and giving life to every soul that liveth (v. 9) and bringing forth trees, with fruit and leaves that shall be for meat and medicine (v. 12), fulfil now Thy holy promises, O holy God!

  "Open the floodgates of heaven, break up the fountains of the great deep, (Gen 7:11) that the flood of thy wisdom may pour forth to engulf the confusions of the world! For Thy Church, still wandering through a thirsty desert, open up rivers in high places and fountains in the midst of the valleys! Make the wilderness a pool of water and the dry land springs of water (Isa 41:18). Let the river of God be full of water! (Ps 65:3).

  "Be unto us Thyself, O Lord, as the river, and let Thine hand, Thy word, and Thy spirit within us be as broad streams (Isa 33:21), that our iniquities may be cleansed, and our ruined places rebuilded, and our land that is desolate may become like the Garden of Eden (Ez 36:33-35). May the zeal of the Lord of Hosts perform this (Isa 9:7). Amen"



 Master Prayer, from Promulgation, 452-453

  I pray that the nations of the East and West shall become one flock under the care and guidance of the divine Shepherd. Verily, this is the bestowal of God and the greatest honor of man. This is the glory of humanity. This is the good pleasure of God. I ask God for this with a contrite heart.

  O my Lord! Thou Who art ever-forgiving! Verily, this assembly hath turned its face toward Thy Kingdom. Verily, they are all of Thy flock, and Thou art the one Shepherd of all. O Thou real Shepherd! Educate and train Thy sheep in Thy green and verdant pastures. Suffer these birds of Thine to build their nests in Thy rose garden. Adorn Thine orchard with these fresh plants and flowers. Refresh these human trees by Thy shower of beneficence and favor.

  O God! Verily, we are all Thy servants--all Thine--and Thou art the One Lord. We all adore Thee, and Thou art the beneficent Master. O Lord! Render the eyes perceptive that they may witness the lights of Thy Kingdom. Render the ears attentive that they may hear the heavenly summons. Resuscitate the spirits that they may be exhilarated through the breath of the Holy Spirit. O Lord! Verily, we are weak, but Thou art almighty. We are poor, but Thou art rich. Have mercy upon us. Apportion unto us a goodly share of Thy realities, and lead us into the arena of Thine attainments.

  Thou art the Powerful. Thou art the Able. Thou art the kind Lord.

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