Monday, July 07, 2008

My Favorite Movie Kiss

For the whole film from which this scene was taken, see "Some Kind of Wonderful." Watched it lately with Silvie, my daughter, to prove her wrong when she says I am not romantic enough.

For the Baha'i position on kissing see:

In my opinion, the above scene demonstrates graphically the wisdom of treating extramarital kissing just the same as other kinds of extramarital intercourse. Studies found that a kiss sets off pheromones that inhabit the brain for at least two years afterwards. The body is never the same afterwards. For the love lorn, there are good physical reasons that it hurts. The body forms a bond that is meant to be permanent.

Does that make me a non-romantic? In my opinion, anybody who takes this law seriously is not only wise and non-masochistic, they are far more of a romantic than otherwise...

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