Thursday, January 06, 2011

Ruhi Book 8 Photo and Comment


Here are some members of our Ruhi Book 8 institute, Aghdas Javid, Larry, Joe, Mohammad, Colleen, Beth and Ninaz.

Tangential Comment

Last time our Ruhi Book 8 session discussed the question, “What does one say to those who might whisper insinuations attacking the covenant?” I happened to come across this account of the Master doing same while His party were shipboard, on the way to New York.

“The Master spent the morning writing Tablets until noon and then went to the dining room table. He was asked for guidance about food. He said, 'We shall not interfere with their bodily food. Our concern is with spiritual food.'

“In the afternoon He invited the Western friends to His presence and related a history of the Cause and the difficulties and persecutions of the early days. One the Tablets revealed today was a long prayer, a Tablet of visitation in honor of Hájí Muhammad-Taqi, the Afnán, and another was a Tablet in His own hand. Regarding this Tablet He summoned us, saying:

“Come here and consider this important question. A person from Tihran has written that the Universal Will is always manifest; that is to say, God is always manifest in human form. I have sent him an emphatic reply and urge you also to remember that between two Manifestations there are days of concealment. There is no doubt that for the Sun of Reality there is no rising or setting in its own sanctified center but, owing to the exigencies of the contingent world, it rises and sets. Those persons who say in the days of concealment and interval that God is manifest in human form and that 'He always shows Himself in different forms like an artful beloved' are the sources of difference in the Cause and create discord among the people. All these evasive statements of theirs are mere pretensions. Their only object is to get themselves known as persons in whom divine signs are centered. We must, therefore, adhere to the explicit text, to the literal meaning of what is written in the Tablets, and must not deviate from this even to a hair's breadth.” (Mahmud's Diary, p. 31)


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Anonymous said...

I have probably visited one such blog on the internet. it seems to me that the blog and the author of the comment about the continual existence of people with divine signs are simllar, in that they simply do not say the Obligatory prayer with any persevering belief in what they are saying. The words coming out are as dry leaves left over in the corner of the garden wall from the previous winter. Dust produces dust that is of no benefit as it is trapped by the concrete and the wall which a person has constructed.
regards from Japan