Thursday, February 17, 2011

Silvie's Declaration

The message by the fireside's fireside.

Silvie, Mrs Aghdas Javid, and her brother Thomas

From Mrs. Javid's Fireside

The speaker, Tracy.

A rare photo, someone actually signing their declaration card. Not a reenactment, the real deal.

All praise be to God!

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Unknown said...

I gather from what Dr. Taherzadeh has said about our souls, that female-ness is a superior form of existence on this physical plane. No, he didn't say this. But he goes on about the nature of our soul, and its purpose in this physical plane is to give birth. It can either give birth to "materialism", or it can give birth to the "spirit of faith". The father is either, respectively, the things of this world, or the Writings of Baha'u'llah. The mother is our soul and we give it in marriage, we say "I believe". Or perhaps in the former case we are just subconsciously exchanging a form of sex for power, etc. From some of the noted materialists I have known, I would say they bargain their souls for material power, and believe they are driving a hard bargain.